Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Shoutout to Megamall ISR: More than just an ice rink

At the end of this month, the first ice skating rink in the country will close down. By writing this, I am preserving the memory of the ice rink that has become more than just a rink to many skaters circa 1990s just like me.

I didn't actually start my skating stint at Mega. I started skating in 1997 when I was 11 at the Sta. Lucia Ice Skating Rink, but when it closed down in 2000, I transferred to Mega and just like that Mega became my home rink. Unlike most skaters, the memories I have of Mega ISR are really milestones in my life. Allow me to indulge in my thoughts and reminisce.

I celebrated my 18th birthday at the rink. We reserved the rink in morning and had a buffet setup put at the rink lobby. I can still remember the fog from the early morning ice, the pink and white balloons placed around the rink railings and my guests having the time of their life (or otherwise) on ice. My family and friends were there - some even had their first ice skating experience that day. I had the traditional 18 roses in a not so traditional way. I danced with nine of my male relatives in the lobby while I danced with the other half of my male friends on ice. It was such a nice way to celebrate my birthday in a place that really meant a lot to me. That was when I turned 18.

Although I stopped training when I turned 19 because of college and after, because of work, I still kept coming back just to get my skates out and feel the wind on my face when I glide on ice. I jumped at every opportunity I had just so I could skate once in a while. They say, 1st love never dies.

Another most recent and even happier memory that happened last Jan. 31, 2009 made my connection to the Megamall ice rink even deeper and more personal. A normal free day skating with my boyfriend and good friend turned out to be the happiest day of my life (yet). You see, while I was skating, minding my own business in my own piece of ice, a familiar song played in the background and a guy carrying a bouquet of beautiful roses approached me. On the off-center of the ice, with the snow drop and all and a gorgeous ring, my boyfriend of 5 and a half years (then) knelt down on one knee and asked me to spend a lifetime with him. Yup, my boyfriend proposed to me at the ice skating rink. I couldn't think of any better proposal for me than the one he did.

So you see, the Megamall ISR isn't just a rink to me. It was where I met great friends, celebrated momentous occasions and said yes to the love of my life.

When we heard the sad news, my skater friends kept saying, 'san na yung wedding ni zei?'. We could have made many more memories at the rink. But I guess, whatever lessons we learned in Mega, whoever friends we've met and kept and whatever memories we have - they'll all remain, not on the ice that brought everything together, but in all our hearts. Thank you is definitely in order.

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  1. What great memories. :) It does seem bittersweet it is closing, especially since you had your proposal there.