Sunday, July 29, 2012

[Shopaholic Zei] Divi, we meet again!

After 2 years or so, I finally found myself back in Divisoria. I love going to 'Divi', I always have even if it means I have to take the always jam packed LRT 2. :) I love how you can shop where all sellers know you're shopping on a budget otherwise you could've just gone to any mall. 

I went to Divi because I was on a mission - to buy cheap but nice giveaways for Zia's 1st birthday. Boy did I accomplish my mission (and in just a little over an hour)! I canvassed in 168 first but the toys were a bit more expensive than I hoped, so I decided to walk a few more kilometers to get to Divisoria mall. And the prices started going lower. Luckily, I found this toy store that had so much variety of toys, and most importantly, they sold them at the prices I budgeted for. They had everything a mom throwing her kids' birthday needed; from bubbles, balloons, masks, toy vegetables, puzzles, stress balls, blocks, magic slates to wooden toys. I was content. I stayed there and decided to get everything I needed from that store, I didn't canvass anywhere anymore since it would've taken me longer to decide. I got around 150 assorted toys which cost me just Php 2,744 to be exact. Really not bad, I could've scrimped on some of my choices but they were too good a bargain not to get. I got wooden puzzles that normally retail for more a hundred pesos for only Php 15 a piece; mini puzzle mats for just Php 10 and colorful pails for Php 15 as well. 

If I had more time and more hands, I could've ended up buying some more stuff - not for Zia's birthday. Hehe. I wanted to buy topiaries for the house - the ones we have were bought by my mom from a designer shop worth around 3,000 ++ for three, while the ones I saw in Divi which looked exactly like the ones we already have cost just 100 to 180 a piece, miles away from the profit rich cost of its mall shop counterpart. I would've also bought rugs for our bathroom, there were so many cute designs. Maybe when I go again next time, I'll make that trip for house stuff.   

I'm glad I got to go to Divi again. Will definitely be back soon because in Divi I never go home empty handed. And yes, the extra weight and baggage from Divi sure is worth it. :)

When was the last time you went to Divisoria for your shopping fix?

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