Sunday, December 2, 2012

[Shopaholic Zei] Christmas Wishlist 2012

I know I had this forever Christmas wish list until I get it post before which you can check here, but somehow, now that I'm reading back on it, I feel that I don't need them anymore, save for the master bedroom makeover and other home stuff. I think it's mostly because I've been a mom for 15 months now (on top of the 9 month infanticipation) and my shopping habits have changed along with my wants and needs. For example, I was gifted with $100 for my birthday last September - had I been my old single self, I would've mentally spent it all in clothes, bags, shoes, etc, but instead, I spent it all on Zia in one day. :) I still know I'm a shopaholic, but mostly for Zia's stuff and anything for our home, and food. So I am making a new Christmas wish list, in case I forget.

1. Master bedroom makeover
2. Bamboo fence and a trellis for our backyard
3. Lots of parakito pellets refill for Zia
4. A small LCD TV for our kitchen
5. Another small LCD TV for Zia's room
6. Zia's nursery makeover
7. Lots of T-shirts and shorts for when Zia plays at Gymboree
8. Cotton On shopping spree (Yes, my allegiance to Forever 21 has waned)
9. Silver Casio Illuminator watch
10. All colors of ballet flats from Payless
11. And all the Japanese food I can eat

So there, those are the things I'd love to have soon. :)

It's actually more of a list of the things I'll buy/have done once I have extra money than a list of things I'd like to receive from other people. :) Except for the Casio Watch, ballet flats and T-shirts pala.

Calling on the husband, need you to pledge on a thing or two on my list. LOL. :)

I can sooooo smell Christmas! And it smells oh so yummy and wonderful! :)

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