Wednesday, August 21, 2013

[zei the MOM] A birthday prayer for our Zia

Before this very special day ends, I'd like to share this prayer I made for our daughter Zia on her 2nd birthday. I tried searching the net for a prayer that suits our little girl, but everything seemed like it wasn't the right fit. So if you're reading it, please say a little prayer for our little girl too.

Dear Lord,

Today is another special day for Zia as she turns another year older. We thank you for giving us this day to celebrate her, our most special blessing and the source of our joy. When we look into her eyes and see her toothy smile, we are reminded of how much You have showered our lives with love and happiness. Please always watch over her and touch her with Your loving embrace each and everyday. We pray that she grows to be a good girl with a good heart who finds happiness in the littlest of things -- that she grows in faith and love. Oh Lord, we ask that You always guide her and keep her safe and healthy, away from any danger and harm. We ask that you bless her with a joyful heart that will find a reason to smile everyday. Again Dear Lord, we are grateful for Zia each and everyday and we promise to be our very best for her always and forever.


Zia may not have had a cake or candle to blow because of the circumstances of the past days, but I'm pretty confident, the little girl has a happy heart, not just for her birthday, but for always -- and we're gonna make sure she'll have exactly that all her days.

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