Saturday, October 31, 2009

Minus another to-do

Like I've said in my older post, I have this list of things to do before I get married and today, thanks and no thanks to Ondoy, I had another item done. Yup, my latest done to-do is the one in fuchsia. Since my parent's A/C was submerged in the flood, we had to replace it before dad's homecoming. So I gathered all my disposable income and got them an aircon. To a person like me, who isn't earning much and saving for the wedding of her and her fiance's dreams, buying an aircon is already grand. Ergo, that's 'By mom and dad something grand': CHECK and just four more things to go. Although, I am double thinking the 'Take the FSO exam' item 'cause I'm kinda set with my career path and I don't think I'm taking the foreign affairs route anymore. But we'll see, I'll probably replace that with another to-do once I think about what it should be.

Take up any kind of post-grad studies – CHECK
Take the FSO exam
Get a new job (2nd job) – CHECK
Travel – CHECK
Sponsor the schooling of at least 1 kid
Start up a business
Be an ice skating coach
Buy mom & dad something grand
Plant a tree – CHECK

How 'bout you? Have you started your own to-do list? It helps a lot.=) You'll see.=)

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  1. That was very sweet of you to do! I would love to buy my parents a new fridge or dishwasher someday soon. :) And you would definitely be a good ice skating coach!