Thursday, December 29, 2011

Go the Multi-way

Since it's the season of endless partying and lots of merrymaking, I found it fitting to blog about fashion today. So I've had my 2 multi-way dresses since 2009, but I haven't worn them ever since, not that I can't find use for them, but it's more because I find it very revealing every time I try to wear it to a formal occasion. I finally got to wear one of them just last week for a wedding and realized how much I wasn't able to maximize it - it is a multi-way dress after all. Since I couldn't stand going the bare back route for a wedding, I used it as a skirt, and it turned out every bit pretty (for me and for my husband). So here it is, after 2 years of not being worn, I finally got to wear my multi-way dress as a skirt and I think it's gonna be the start of a great many-things for this fashion find, albeit a bit late. =p

Oh, and speaking of multi-way, I'm also wearing clip-on extensions from Tokyo Posh (the brainchild of a good friend of mine from High School, Denise). I love how I can go to weddings or special events without spending a penny on my hair. It's an investment that's worth taking for those who are undecided whether they like their hair or not or for any girl, who'd like to don a different look for those special occasions. Check out the other hairstyle available in!/pages/Tokyo-Posh-Hair-Extensions/13956716490 You might find the style perfect for you.

Style thrift tip #3: Buy yourself a multi-way dress, it could be your go-to dress for weddings, parties and other special events. Just make sure you're with a different set of friends when you wear it again. Hehe.

Style thrift tip #4: Invest on clip-on hair extensions, it could take you from unruly to uber girly. You can style your extensions anyway you want too!

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