Wednesday, January 11, 2012

New year, new shoes!

Our little family celebrated new year's day at the mall. It was Zia's first mass and mall day out and the little one seemed to enjoy every bit of it. But that's a separate story. This post will be about why I enjoyed every bit of our mall day that 1st day of 2012. Remember how I said in one of my older posts how I'm a shoe girl and that I haven't bought any new pairs since I got pregnant. Well, I broke that shoe dry spell and shoe shopped to my heart's content and my wallet's dismay. Credit also goes to Mhel, the friendly sales personnel who entertained me, whose current pregnant state added to her convincing power. Allow me to tell you the tale of my new shoes. It started out with me egging the husband to buy me a new pair of shoes for the new year. With my insistence, we, Rich, me and Zia in tow, trooped to my go-to shoe store, VNC. I found a pair I liked but I ended up buying 4 - Thanks to VNCs promo - Buy 3 pairs and get the 4th one for free! It wasn't really hard to convince me. I was one happy shopper plus Zia seemed to enjoy being around pretty shoes while mommy tried on shoe after shoe. Check out my new sole loves. =)

Isn't shoe shopping to kick off the year simply divine?

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