Saturday, May 4, 2013

[Zei the Charmed One] Do you know Mary of the Broom?

Happy  Saturday everyone! It's a been a while, hopefully I get more time to blog again, even if it's just for the weekend. 

Anyway, have you guys heard of Mary of the broom or Our Lady of the Broom? I first heard of her during one of my retreats with my organization back in college and I that's where I also got the nickname Little Broom from my Ictus friends.

Mary of the broom is of course, Mother Mary, but this image of her isn't about her being the queen of Heaven or her Immaculate conception - it's actually Mother Mary in her most human image possible - it's Mother Mary as the homemaker, the doting mother and the loving wife. Here's a novena to Our Lady of the broom I got from a mommy blog so you get to know her better.

Our Lady of the Broom
By J. G. Shaw

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The large and lovely lessons
You taught with little breath
In the liturgy of the hour
In the house at Nazareth
Are such fantastic simple things
That mortals may presume
To call the Queen of Seraphim
Our Lady of the Broom.
For you who rule the angels
Built up our legacy
By living a life of little things
That we do every day.
You cooked, cleaned, washed and mended,
Scrubbed the kitchen floor,
Teaching a world the woman’s way
To worship and adore.
How beautifully you taught us
Where all perfection lies
By seeing all salvation in
The work before your eyes,
Immensity in little space
The world in the humble room
You swept and kept and cared for,
Our Lady of the Broom.

I think this image of Mother Mary fascinates me because I've always believed in the power of the little (good) things. It could be little good deeds everyday, little pretty details that turn things into beautiful ones. So what Mary of the broom wants to teach us is that there is GREAT value in the little things. Others might not see it, but I'm pretty sure the Lord sees it. 

So there, that's my Saturday post folks! Do a good deed or two today and make someone happy. :)

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