Saturday, April 30, 2011

Elegance and Simplicity fit for royal brides of past and present

Today the world celebrated with Prince William and his bride, Kate Middleton, now Duchess Catherine, for the wedding of the century. As in all weddings, most eyes, if not all are on the bride and her wedding dress of course. The verdict: it was elegant and simple with a royal impact (READ: Absolutely LOVELY). Kudos to Sarah Burton of Alexander McQueen! It was sort of a spitting image of Princess Grace Kelly's gown - she was a fashion forward princess bride. Anyway, here are some photos of both gowns - equally beautiful and fitting for a princess.

Looking forward to seeing how the long sleeved lace wedding dress would fare for brides-to-be of the present. Don't you just love weddings? Especially the royal ones. Haha. :)

The gown aside, my favorite part of the ceremony was during their processional - Prince and new wife hand-in-hand, sneaking sweet nothings and both unable to contain their happiness to be each others ever after. Happy weekend to all!

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