Saturday, April 30, 2011

From Forever 21 to Baby Gap: My version of shifting priorities

As you may have already read in my previous posts, my name is ZEI and I'm a SHOPAHOLIC, but thanks to the Mega 3-day sale, I now know that my shopping repertoire could be altered - it all used to be clothes, shoes, bags and other what-have-yous just for me (and occasionally for Richmond), but now, it seems to be all about our (coming) baby. :) Yup, the winds have blown me from Forever 21 to the realm of Baby Gap, which is just a skip and a hop from each other in Megamall. I bought a couple for our little sweet pea and I'm sure she'll absolutely look adorable in her new wardrobe. I think this will be the story of my so called shopaholic life, my priorities are slowly changing, but I don't feel a tad bit sad, in fact it makes me really happy because baby shopping is a whole new field and Im thrilled to take it on. Here are some photos from yesterday's loot. Also bought a couple cute outfits from SM Department store since I couldn't resist their super cheap items after having shopped at Gap. Haha. :)

Baby's Gap outfits ( far)

Not to be beaten, cute outfits (i love bloomers on babies) from SM Department store

Now what I really need is additional closet space for baby. Haha. Will probably just take that on in the coming months. For now, I'm just so giddy with all my purchases. My name is ZEI and I'm a SHOPAHOLIC. *Curtsy*

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