Saturday, April 9, 2011

Our sweet pea is a gifted baby!

At just barely 5 months in the womb, our little sweet pea is fast becoming a gifted baby, albeit literally. :) I was greeted with a happy surprise when I got home from work just yesterday - it was a lovely package from Sarah and my Kuya from Philly with cute baby stuff for our lil sweet pea. Just wanted to share some photos. We're thrilled and I'm sure the baby felt it too. :) Thank you! Package from Aunt Sarah & Uncle F.B.!

Lots of Baby Janes too! Yay!

And another early gift from Tita Ais!

Thank you so much! As early as now you're already making our baby feel so loved. Hearts! Happy Weekend everyone!


  1. Awww yay! The baby janes are so cute too. :-)

  2. thank you for the gifts! :) zei liked the baby janes socks even way before we knew we would have a girl and now we have lots of pairs of socks. :) thanks again! :)