Monday, May 23, 2011

Must be in the 'Nesting' Stage (Updated)

We're almost in our 6 and a half month mark so it's really just a few more months before we bring our sweet pea into our home. And along with the progression of my pregnancy is this so-called 'Nesting' Stage, which usually occurs (they say) in the last trimester, but sometimes earlier for others. It's the period when the mom-to-be, for some reason, feels the need to organize stuff - maybe for the coming baby or for other reasons. It's kinda true for me since, now, more than ever, I really really want to finish up all the plans for our house that took a back seat because of the pregnancy. Anyway, just to start me off, I decided to make a list. At least a list would be start since I'm still trying to figure out the financing that would come with this nesting. So here are the things I want to do:

1. Install the two full length mirrors in our TV room divider - CHECK! (Thanks Motherdear!)

2. Replace old lamps in our kitchen and in the dining room - CHECK!

3. Put up photos along our stairs

4. Buy the green wooden bench for our kitchen - CHECK! (Although now, it'll be for the living area)

5. Remove all our stuff in the other room so we could start preparing it as a nursery

6. Buy a shoe cabinet - CHECK!

7. Fix our door knobs - CHECK! (Thanks dad!)

8. As soon as all the stuff have been removed in the 'nursery', repaint the walls and cabinets and install aircon

9. Fix nursery

Those are the stuff, the timeline, ASAP, the budget, well... that's probably where the hurdle will be, but I know somehow, someone will make it happen. haha. :)

That's all for now. :) Will definitely give updates as soon as something (at least 1 in my list) sees the light of day. :) *Fingers++ crossed*

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