Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Shoe-in, Baby!

I've always known that when I have a baby of my own, her shoe collection would rock, well, as of this writing, I can't say I'm not giving our little sweet pea a great head start --- or should I say, footstart. Haha. :) I know they say that babies feet grow super fast, so I bought sizes that could be used until 12 months. Hopefully our baby would share mommy's penchant for pretty shoes someday. Thanks to Brusselsprouts ( and Bebe Republic ( for baby's mini shoe collection.

But there's actually a bit of a history behind my love for shoes, you see I've always remembered having different pairs of shoes for every school day back when I was in nursery - my shoes always matched my uniform (which was a pajama style uniform that came in 5 different colors) because my mom loved buying me stuff. But more than just buying me lots of shoes, this is just one of the many mini stories in my life that show how my parents always made sure I had the best in life. So, thanks mom and dad. :) Will try our very best to give our baby what you've always given us - just the very best. :)

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