Monday, May 16, 2011


I've been craving for all things sweet lately, ask my husband who had to go the extra mile (literally) to get me the Cello's doughnuts I was craving for. I've always eaten sweets, but not in a habitual manner, but as of this writing, anything that's sweet, particularly chocolate-y seems so irresistible for me. The only thing that's stopping me is really my throat, I've been kinda prone to tonsillitis ever since I could remember. Anyway, so what's my point. I just found out an interesting fact that could be behind the reason for my added craving for sweets - according to at 24 weeks, baby's taste buds are developing and along with it is also the baby's sweet tooth - thus my sweet cravings. Seems viable for me. :) Ain't it sweet? Literally. =p

Above is a drawing of a sweet tooth from D.A.D stands for a drawing a day. :) Mine would probably be devouring chocolates and lots of DQ Blizzards. =p

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