Saturday, July 9, 2011

The fruits of my nesting

So as promised, I'll be posting pictures of the fruits of my nesting. I just have 1 more left in my list, which I'll probably do soon - I haven't put up photos along the stairs because I haven't found the right frames, but I know I will. :) So for now, here's our newly refurbished home, ready to welcome more guests and of course, our newest addition.

Loving our new blue green bench MTO from Mandaue Foam with the Bungalow 300 throws from Dimensione. =)

It wasn't part of my list, but we also put up a new drop 'chandelier' for our living area, courtesy of my father dear. =p

In keeping with our burst of color theme to contrast with our mostly black and silver kitchen, I got these colorful Holly stools from Dimensione for our small breakfast nook.

Don't you just love colors? Now I can teach baby about colors, not only through books, but also through our furniture. =) P.S. I'd like to thank my fairy parents for making my mini home makeover a success. Hearts. <3


  1. Hi Sarah, yeah, Rich wants the minimalist look, but I wanted to incorporate color too. :) Can't wait for you and kuya to visit so I can give you a tour of our home. :) Hopefully when you're here, it's still as orderly as it is now. :)