Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Take me to 'The Whimsy' @ Cafe 1771

My mind's floating... where? To somewhere whimsical. Well, I saw this quaint and very pretty deli during a recent wedding i attended and I instantly loved it - the place was true to it's name, 'The Whimsy' @ Cafe 1771 (El Pueblo, Ortigas). Must eat there sometime, I'm sure the food will be as lovely as the ambiance. I'm thinking it would be a wonderful venue for our baby girl's christening reception or something. =) Giddy. =)

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  1. Hi Zei!!! :)
    Super duper love Cafe 1771 :) Love the ambiance, set-up and the food as well!
    Try upstairs also they have awesome wine selections :)
    - Krystle