Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Forever 21 withdrawal

Technically, it isn't withdrawal since I haven't given in to the urge, but just now, a few days shy of 38 weeks, I found myself missing shopping for new clothes (for me). It's been awhile since I last set foot in Forever 21 at Megamall because whenever I'm there I find myself towing away a bag or two of new purchases.

But now that I think I've stocked up enough of the cutesy baby stuff (for now), I think it's time to revisit my roots. Maybe since my OBs already recommending me to walk walk and walk, I shall pay a visit to my long-ignored go-to store and buy something pretty for me - post baby bump - won't be long now that I get to wear my 'normal' clothes again. Hmm... now my only challenge will be convincing the husband to take me to the mall and give in to my withdrawal syndrome. Wish me luck. =p

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