Sunday, August 7, 2011

Why 8 & 7 will always be my lucky numbers

The number 8 and 7 will always be my lucky numbers. :) They've both been my class numbers in school, I like how they sound when you say it and I also like the way they're written. More importantly, our anniversary (Rich & I) falls on August 7 (8/7). I know that when you get married they say you should celebrate your new wedding anniversary date, but 8/7 is just such a special day that we will go on celebrating it until we can. =)

8 years ago today, August 7, 2003 to be exact, my heart made the best decision ever - actually, it wasn't a difficult decision to make, because it felt so real, so right and so natural - I said yes to the sweetest, most caring and kindest boy I've ever met and I've felt like the luckiest girl ever since (biases aside). I was 18, he was 22 then, we're now married and expecting our 1st baby, I'm 26 and he's 30, but my LOVE, you will always be the thoughtful, super sweet and cheesy and most loving boy I will never tire of loving.

We've gone through so many things my love, not to mention, so many Between You & Me cards, but the thing I love the most about your cards are the ones you've written yourself - it always makes my heart melt - it's your genuine sweetness. And I want you to know that your love makes me feel blessed each and every day.

Happy Anniversary love! I've said it before, and I'm saying it again - I really know in my heart of hearts that our love is really one GREAT love. <3

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