Sunday, August 14, 2011

Ohhh... What's this?

I have an amazing husband - he introduces me to lots of cool gadgets. He was the one who found this for baby. So what is it really? It could be anything from an ipod dock, an antenna, to speakers and to other techie what-have-yous out there, but it's actually, lo and behold - an electric fan - a bladeless one at that. Rich found it fitting for baby's room since we can't live on aircon alone plus it eliminates the hazard of getting her baby fingers cut from the blades. It's actually quite cool. :)

The display at Electronics Boutique was in blue and white, so you could just imagine my thrill when they found 1 stock remaining in pink and white. Lovely and Cool at the same time. :) It was such a cool gadget even my mom (relative to her non-techiness) wanted to buy one.

Aside from its safety function, it blends well with any contemporary house setting - it's a gadget and cool deco/statement in one. :) It has no brand though, it just says Bladeless Fan in the box. It's a bit pricier than the regular electric fans, but hey, where can you get a fan that cools, looks cool and lets you put your hand through it without any gory end. It comes in a couple of colors too. I guess I'm just super thrilled about it - explanation why this merited its own post. Hehe. :)

P.S. Thanks love for always introducing me to amazing gadgets such as this. Zia will love it. :)

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