Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Here come the BER months

There's something about September 1 that delights me and brings that warm and fuzzy feeling. It's probably because today is the official start of the Christmas season (for me and my mom, that is and maybe for a special few). Today I start my Christmas countdown - 115 days to go to be exact. High spirits are on the loose as radio stations and morning shows start playing good old Christmas carols and malls around the metro bring out their Christmas wares proving that Pinoy Chritmases are always a notch special. I guess there's really something about today that brings a smile to everyone's faces. Soon enough, the nights will be longer and the breeze will be colder, houses will put up their parols and lights and everyone can't help but smile. Yup, the BER months are officially here, my countdown begins and new found cheer creeps in. If you read this, do help me in spreading the happiness that is worthy of the upcoming Christmas season. Happy Christmas all!
* Photo credits go to blogger budznievera

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  1. looking forward to the hamon! yum! i may not look like it but chirstmas is my favorite season too. hah!