Thursday, September 17, 2009

the little skirt that can

I'm a fan of fashion and most describe mine as feminine and girly, probably because I like cheery and bright colors with that frilly flowy feel. Today I shall share with you the story of my little-skirt-that-can: my semi-tiered printed chiffon skirt.

I'm a mainstay at any SM department store - more often in SM Megamall, SM Makati and SM Marikina and always on the lookout for my next perfect find. This one fine day my eye caught sight of this blue and yellow skirt that was incidentally a different colored version of the one a colleague of mine had, which I immediately fell inlove with. Without much contemplation, I went on to fit it and of course, I knew I had to have it. It had the right amount of girly and uniqueness that I wanted for all things in my wardrobe. So I bought it, no surprise there. Barely Php 500.00, it was a steal - I felt like a winner in a 'Look for Less' challenge kind of way.

Since I got my little-skirt-that-can, I've just worn it twice and I'm reaping more than what I've invested. I get compliments for it - from my family, my workmates, my fiance and from random people. Just yesterday, I was at the mall and this girl kept peering at me as if she knew me. She lingered for minutes until she looked at me and asked where I got my skirt, 'it's so pretty', she said with a smile. I was happy to oblige, so I told her of the many treasures one can find in the SM department store. I love sharing when it comes to fashion - I don't keep my knowledge to myself.=)

I guess my point here is that you need not look for known brands to uncover little-outfits-that-can. It's all in your vision and expression of your own style. Why not drop by any department store near you and explore the things they have to offer. You might be surprised on the fun things you'll find and even end up with savings of a peso or a hundred more. Now won't that be just perfect?

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  1. I know this post has been more than a year old already and no idea if it's going to reach you but I just had to comment!

    I thought you only wear branded ones as you always look so glam! It's so cute to know you're an SM fan too! - Crisel.