Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Polyvore: More than just mixing and matching

I have this habit of looking for deeper purposes about things. Today my focus is on To me, and to many others out there, it's more than just a website wherein you can mix and match clothes, shoes, bags, accessories and other what have yous to your heart's content. It is, on so many levels, a revelation. The way I see it, aside from allowing members to pick the ensemble that fancies them, it allows the Polyvore goer and the viewers of their profile to get to know who they really are through the sets they create. It gives the member an identity and the freedom to express themselves through fashion. One can derive from the many sets that a particular person is carefree, reserved, chic, adventurous or eccentric (in a good way) and many more from the colors and fashion combinations they come up with. It may be pushing the idea too far, but I think sites such as Polyvore foster creativity, imagination, resourcefulness (creating the look for less) and individuality. It could also be aspirational for some - they know what they like and they'll work on achieving that exactly. It's a site worth visiting for those into fashion, fashion converts or maybe even for those curious about anything and everything about contemporary culture. Check it out, if you like what you see, sign in and be the master of your own identity (read: make your own fashion statement). Enjoy!

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