Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Contemplating Christmas trees

It's 68 days 'til Christmas and I seriously have to think about turning our house into a 'Baby's-First-Christmas-worthy' house. And what better way to kick-off my planning than by nailing the most important Christmas decor of all - the Christmas tree. Well, you might have read in one of my old posts that our first Christmas tree is gone - thus we have to get a new one, which we'll keep this time.

Anyway, being a very young family and having a house that is a mix of contemporary and quirky, I keyed in 'Modern Christmas tree' in Google and here are some interesting finds.

Wall decal Christmas trees - they're perfect for houses like ours without much extra storage.

A red tree which Zia's eyes will definitely feast upon since she's got an early penchant for the color.
Or the turquoise version which screams unique and cheery (I'm leaning towards this one).

Or the traditional green tree but slimmer and less branchy and leafy (not sure though where I could get something similar to this.

So there, among my many first orders of business after my maternity leave is to scour the malls and maybe Dapitan Arcade and Divisoria for that perfect tree for our little family - and of course for our perfect gift - our dear daughter, Zia.

Happy times ahead everyone!

Photo credits: www.about.com / www.architectlines.com / www.christmastreeforme.com / www.freshdesignblog.com / www.giftids.com

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