Saturday, October 22, 2011

Motherhood just got sweeter

I've been a mom for 2 months and 1 day today and each day that adds on to the next makes mothering sweeter. I actually never thought I'd get into the mother groove this soon - you see, I've never taken care of a younger sibling or a niece or nephew or even a pet - before our baby girl, I've never held a newborn or held a baby below 6 months. My mom pointed that out to me - that I was an instant mom the day Zia arrived - without any prior experience. And now, 2 months into it, I feel like I'm an expert. So far, I now know that motherhood is hard (thank you Mom for everything), but when you see your baby (crying or smiling), everything becomes clear - you'll do anything for her. Right now, it seems like a one-way love, but it doesn't matter - I just love being Zia's mom.

With our baby's smiles, antics and milestones, I can say with conviction, that motherhood is SWEET!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!