Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Yesterday's happy list

I finally set foot on mall grounds yesterday after more than 2 months of taking care of Zia at home when my mom obligingly took me shopping mostly for Zia's stuff. And here are just a few things that made it to yesterday's happy list:

This groovy looking elephant microbeads pillow was a steal at just Php 399 from the SM department store. It looks great in Zia's room plus the bold colors will definitely fascinate Zia.

Got some charming coasters for the house too from Papemelroti. LOVE. DREAM. LAUGH. LIVE

Even if the shopping day was for Zia, my lovely mom gave me a strictly Php 1000 ONLY budget for myself at Forever 21. And since we were pressed for time (had to go home to the baby), I decided to buy accessories instead of scouring for an outfit that fit the budget given to me.

And because we shopped quite a lot in Baby Company, they gave me my Mom Card for free. Hehe. I'm not keen on collecting points, but hey, it won't hurt having a rewards card.

My happy list doesn't stop at the finds I got from the mall, this was also waiting for me at home. Zia's 5th and 6th pair of crib shoes from Tot Couture (www.totcouture.multiply.com). Aren't they super cute? Can't wait for the baby girl to wear them.

Also part of my happy list not pictured here is the Milk Tea with Pearls 70% sugar I drank from Gong Cha and of course, the person who taught me to shop and shop til I drop, my mom, who now calls herself Zia's purchasing officer. Thanks mom! Zia says thanks Lola. Love it!

Why don't you make your own happy list? =)

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  1. Where did you get the elephant I love it and am looking for one for a Christmas present.