Monday, October 10, 2011

I'm a bag lady

It's almost Christmas and since it's the season of giving and receiving, it's high time I start thinking of the things that I would love to receive this year (or buy for myself if no one obliges). I'm normally a shoe kind of girl, but since most of my heels are still spanking and I've given them a rest for the whole time I was pregnant, my default second category is bags. I'm actually happy with another Longchamp Le Pliage because it's really more ideal now that I have Zia's stuff to tow as well, but since this is just a wish list, I turned first to Tory Burch and here are some bags I wouldn't mind carrying around everywhere.

And if Santa's really feeling generous (not that I'm pushing it), I wouldn't mind having this too.

Hey, it's just a wish list anyway. =p What about you guys? Have you thought about your wish list this Christmas?

Style Thrift Tip #2: Go for carry-alls, they can go from day to night with the proper attire plus it's more functional.


  1. haha. Maybe kuya could get it for you someday. Anyway, my ultimate dream bag is really the prada black nylon tote i blogged about last month. Haha. *wish*

  2. Maybe! I've always wanted a real Louis Vuitton. My only real designer bags are two Coach bags. If you like Coach, we have a Coach outlet at Peddler's Village. :-)