Monday, October 17, 2011

Yesterday was a day of many firsts

Just as the title says, yesterday was a day of many firsts for me. Allow me to enumerate and expound if necessary.

~ First time to leave our baby girl for more than 3 hours

People have been saying that I have to get used to leaving our baby girl for more than 8 hours so I won't have a hard time adjusting when I go back to work. Well, yesterday, Richmond and I were out for around 7 hours, so I guess that's a good start. But the whole time we were out, I was texting hourly and asking how Zia was doing. Hehe.

~ First Happy Lemon drink

Since I got pregnant, I've never had a sip of milk tea and I was always sad that I couldn't drink what has become sort of a fad drink. Though I still can't really drown myself with milk tea since I'm breastfeeding, I took a break yesterday and decided that 1 small order of Happy Lemon milk tea won't hurt. So how was my first sip - loved it to bits. Thanks for the treat love!

~ First Mochi Ice Cream experience

Try it. A kids fist sized ball of mochi goodness with ice cream inside. You'll wonder where this yummy treat has been all your life. =p

~ First movie date with rich since I gave birth

We watched Real Steel and it was a great 1st movie after around 2 months of hiatus.

~ First time to use the Breastfeeding Station (not to breastfeed, but to pump)

Since we were out for a couple of hours, I really had to pump. Luckily, Eastwood Mall had a nice and quiet breastfeeding station where I could pump privately. I was conscious at first since there were 2 other breastfeeding moms, but I got into the groove shortly and pumped away.

So there, that was my day of firsts and I loved my day yesterday, but it actually made me look forward more to the time when we could share many firsts with our baby girl. Can't wait! Lovelier days ahead!

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