Sunday, November 13, 2011

DIY bride turned DIY mom

I'd like to think that I'm somewhat creative. Or should I say I have creative ideas. For our wedding over a year ago, I made the tags for our fan giveaways at Church, I conceptualized the table centerpieces and worked closely with our florist and caterer, made the place cards for our presidential table and other little wedding stuff here and there. So yes, you can call me a DIY bride. Fast forward to a year and 2 months after, I am now a DIY mom - I made our daughter's Christening my new pet project. The whole concept was mine, the purchasing was my mom's. Here are some photos of our daughter's Colorful Christening.

I made the invites using and had it printed as a photo in 5r

Ribboned candles for the godparents

Thank you cards for the godparents' giveaways made using

Thank you cards for the guests' giveaways - Cookies were made by my sister-in-law, Richelle

Letter decoration concept c/o moi

Table setup

Restaurant decoration

Now I can;t wait for our daugther's 1st birthday so I can whip up some DIY charm once again. :)

Happy Sunday all!


  1. Very beautiful! Wish F.B. & I could have been there! <3

  2. Hi Sarah! Wish you and kuya were with us to celebrate too! Zia ssys hi!