Saturday, November 26, 2011

Wall Calligraphy - CHECK!

The wall calligraphy at Le Creperie that started it all

I love making our home even more beautiful than it already is (love your own). My latest favorite thing in our house is the newly written wall calligraphy in our living room wall inspired by the exact calligraphy I saw at La Creperie in Eastwood. It's a pretty unique focal point and I simply love looking at it. =) Special thanks to Ate Malou, my mom's PA, who made a more-than-great job in doing the calligraphy.

From paper

To our wall

I love how our wall calligraphy gives our house a unique charm plus its zero maintenance since it doesn't catch dust and its very low cost. So for homemakers who want to add a little something new to their home, try it - the possibilities are endless with wall calligraphy.

Happy Weekend everyone!

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