Wednesday, November 2, 2011

My Christmas/Forever-until-I-get-it wish list

It's 52 days before Christmas and what better way to spice up my countdown than by sharing my Christmas wish list. This list isn't actually just limited to Christmas, which is why I'm also calling it my Forever-until-I-get-it wish list.

MY wish list

1. VNC Green satchel (!/vncphilippines)

2. Elle Emmi peep-toe wedges (

3. Dooney and Bourke Spicy Satchel in Black black/Black/Kelly Green ( 4. Guess Groovy Rhombus bag in black ( 5. Fridge-to-go in pink ( 6. Lactation cookies (

7. Lots and lots of stored milk supply for Zia when I go back to work (

8. Mamaway nursing tank with built-in-bra in black and white (

9. Forever 21 shopping spree (

10. Makeover to get me out of my maternity leave/stay at home rut

11. 1-year subscription to Real Living magazine (

My wish list for Rich & I

1. Master bedroom makeover (

2. Trip to anywhere (

3. A smaller car (

My wish list for Zia

1. Your Baby can Read DVD set ( 2. Lamaze cloth books (
3. Dr. Seuss Book collection (

4. Shopping spree at Baby Gap & Zara Baby

5. Manuella yellow kitty bag (
6. Dwell Studio crib bedding set (

7. Aprica Marshmallow Fruit Car seat bed (

8. Infant vaccine spree at The Medical City (good until she's 1)

9. A college plan

My wish list for our home

1. A kitchen makeover

2. Shopping spree at Dimensione & Howards Storage World

3. A blue bladeless fan (we already have one in pink for Zia's room) (

4. mp3 speakers (

5. Additional wall decals (we have a couple installed already) (!/refreshfashion)

And of course, there are the intangible ones for all of us such as good health, wisdom, safety, love and happiness. Go jot down the things you'd love to have now! Remember, it could extend beyond Christmas so big ticket items could be listed. =p

Happy wish list making everyone! ;)

*Photo website sources listed beside item

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