Sunday, November 27, 2011

Yup, I've changed.

I survived my first week back at work after three months of maternity leave - so how do I feel about it? Well, I'm not quite sure yet, my feelings are all mixed up. One thing's for sure though... I'm a different version of me. Everyone at work says I don't look as if I've given birth, and that I look the same - 'parang walang nangyari', they say, but I feel quite the contrary. I may be back in my heels and pre-bump clothes, but deep down inside I know, I'm now an even better version of me, because I'm the same Zei with a wonderful blessing in tow - our baby girl Zia. Even if I'm a 27 year old mom in a sea of not-yet-married pretty ladies and driven professionals at work - I'm more than blessed with what I have now and I can confidently say, with a smile, I've definitely changed... Motherhood has changed me and I am happy. More than I could ever be.

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