Saturday, March 31, 2012

[Zei the MOM] My new boss!

Yesterday was my last day at work. Yup, as of today, I am unemployed, but maybe not a bum, because I've switched the stay-at-home-mom mode on. So everyone, I'd like you to meet my new boss...


Yup, you got that right, my new boss (for the time-being) is none other than Zia. My remuneration, well, there's too much to mention but just to name a few, at the top of my list are - her sweet smiles, cute giggles, little hugs, funny voices and antics, quality time and my peace of mind that somehow, this added time with my little girl will contribute to giving her the best love and care I could offer. And all the stuff I mentioned, if you must know, are indeed priceless.