Thursday, March 1, 2012

[Zei the foodie] My (lifetime) date's version of dinner on a budget

Here's a post on one of my other interests - food! Oh, all this glorious food! Anyway, Rich and I usually have our weekly dates on Sundays after we hear mass. Last Sunday however was a low-on-cash weekend, but we were compelled to still eat dinner outside to spare our ate of cooking our dinner while taking care of Zia. And since we've kinda moved on from Jollibee and Mcdo dinners, my husband took the lead in deciding where we could eat with the following criteria:

1) We have to be full after dinner

2) Must just be Php 500.00

3) We have to be comfortably seated

And the dear husband found exactly that. Thanks to Burgoo! He was walking around and scouting when he got a coupon from the Burgoo attendant. Being the marketing-stunt-gullible person he is (he goes for promo packs when grocery shopping), he reported back to me and presented his suggestion and I gladly obliged.

We got a free Gambas Al Ajillo (appetizer but eaten as a main entree) worth Php375 by ordering 1 main entree of the same or higher price. We opted for the Lemon Peppered Chicken complete with rice pilaf which is also priced at Php375. We just ordered extra plain rice, iced tea and bottled water and we were good to go. Not bad, really.

With our coupon, we ate on a budget (we went Php 85 over budget, but that's okay), but left with happy and filled stomachs. Oh and we still had take-out chicken and gambas left which we brought home for ate Marlene.

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