Sunday, March 25, 2012

[Zei on Home Deco & Design] Lil' house in the City

I love watching HGTV Design Star on Lifestyle network. Last night's episode of season 6 was cute in all levels. The last three designers took on the tiny house challenge. The task was to design a tiny house, just 86 sq. meters complete with a bedroom, living room, bathroom, kitchen and dining area. Just thinking of how the contestants would take it on made me giddy. Imagine, fitting all the required amenities in such a tiny tiny space. Here's a photo of the tiny house to give you an idea,

Photo from

Photo from

It's really tiny, don't you think? Anyway, to make things more stressful, they were just given 30 minutes to plan and just 2 days to finish everything. I guess that's why they were the last three standing. I just love how the three designers made such quaint and functional living spaces out of the 86 sq meter rectangular box they were given to work wit. It just goes to show that the possibilities are endless when it comes to designing your home, no matter how small or big the obstacles are.

Here's Karl's tiny house from

Here's Mark's take on the tiny house from

And here's Meg's real life little house on the prairie from

Watching shows like Design Star makes me really want to take my interior decorating (even if it's just for our home for now) to a higher level.

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