Thursday, June 9, 2011

Lovely day

Let me begin by using my Facebook status as of this writing...

We had our congenital anomaly scan and fetal echo today and all our prayers were answered. Dr. Lyra Ruth Chua of The Medical City did the scan and she made us feel twice as better as she showed us our baby girl's internal structure and heart, with much appreciation and awe of our baby's make up. When she said that baby's heart was beautiful, I told myself that we would do everything in our capacity as parents to raise our baby girl to be a beautiful person because as early as now, she's already super blessed, we're all very blessed. Today is one of those days that, despite the heavy downpour, merit a lovely day stamp. Every waking day gives me more reason to believe that with God, anything is possible.

We didn't get to bring home a single 'photo' of baby, but today more than ever, our hearts are happy and the photos can wait. She'll be a beautiful baby inside and out for sure because she's got the Lord on her and her parents' side. =)

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