Friday, June 10, 2011

On with my lists, oh and hello 3rd trimester!

Today marks our 3rd trimester and it's like time is zooming by. And so today I've decided to make another list of my goals for our 7th month and as always, I'm letting you in on it so I'll be pressured accomplish it.

My 7th month list of things to do:

1. Prepare hospital bags (mine, baby's and richmond's)
2. Have a 3d ultrasound so we have pictures of baby in the utero
3. File maternity leave and fix other paper work - CHECK!
4. Remove excess clothes from closet in 'nursery' to make room for baby's new stuff
5. Schedule a tour of TMC's birthing facilities
6. Buy crib and stroller - Half CHECK! Stroller already purchased.
7. Set up baby registry - CHECK!

So there, those are my to-dos for this month. Really hope I could accomplish everything on my list. Fingers crossed. =)

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