Monday, February 13, 2012

[Zei the charmed one] Valentine kick-off

Ever since I could remember, I've always liked Valentine's Day. My parents were the kind who made a big deal about it - they would give my brother and I Valentine gifts - my favorite was the Lisa Frank pen I got that had a water and glitter filled heart top. So yes, Valentine's Day for me was and still is a valid occasion.

Kicked off my the Valentine weekend with a lovely movie - Letters to Juliet. It may be a cliche topic but I like how the movie glorifies love that is always hopeful, love that is unchanging and love that endless. Plus being set in rustic Verona and Tuscany added even more charm to it. A fitting prelude to the day of hearts.

And since the husband and I are quite busy with work and Valentine's day falls on a Tuesday, I decided to treat my better half to a 75 minute traditional hilot massage at The Spa in BHS as my advanced Valentine gift. Not quite as eventful as when we were boyfriend and girlfriend, but definitely a welcome treat for the both of us.

Tomorrow is Valentine's day so don't be afraid to show or tell your loved ones how much you love them. It comes once a year, so better seize the day. And don't worry about being called mushy or cheesy, because on the day of hearts, cheesy and mushy are the in things. Happy Valentine's day all! :)

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