Saturday, February 25, 2012

[Zei the MOM] She's got mommy's smile

I've always wanted to have a mini-me, but when Zia was born and everyone was saying she looked more like her daddy I didn't mind any of it - when she arrived, all I wanted was for our daughter to be a happy baby - never mind if she looked more like me or Rich.

Today, at a little over 6 months, it seems like I have a mini-me. Zia is reminding me of myself more and more as each day passes. But the more important thing is, our daughter is a happy baby. Just look at her smile, which she got, most evidently, from (ahem) me! Although beyond the big smile, my wish and prayer is that she would get my optimism and happy disposition when she grows up. You see, those who know me always say I'm an optimistic person and I've always been a happy and cheerful person. I guess my main point is that I hope Zia sees life the way I see it, with a positive outlook - that each waking moment is a blessing and that each day is a reason to be thankful.

The good thing is, I (together with my husband) have a hand in making Zia see life exactly like that.

Just sharing one of my weekend thoughts. Hope you're all enjoying the weekend as much as I am!

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