Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Of prenup photos and weddings of the present

I'm a soon-to-be bride, have I told you that? And my fiance and I have recently had our prenup photos taken and I got to thinking how wedding preparations have evolved as the years progress. I don't recall having attended weddings back in 2000 with prenup photos and on-site videos, but today, the two are almost essentials in a wedding to-do list.

I am amazed at how prenup photos allow couples to be characters other than themselves and how creative people could get. Prenup themes could go from sporty, high fashion, boheme, vintage, masquerade to an endless list of other possibilities. I guess for the soon-to-wed couple, the prenup photo session is a unique bonding opportunity and a chance to challenge their tolerance for nonstop camera posing in preparation for their wedding day. Plus, it's pure fun. =)

Aside from the prenup photos, on-site videos and other stuff that are now part of the wedding repertoire of today, wedding preparations have surely climbed up a gazillion notches as brides-to-be and even grooms-to-be have become more assertive as ever, with bookings that start as early as two years before their chosen wedding date and preparations spanning longer than the usual. I guess its a nice thing since it gives couples more time to gear up and save up for their dream wedding day, but hopefully also more time to prepare for the more important aspect of all the hullabaloos - the marriage and their lifetime of marital bliss together. =)