Monday, April 4, 2011

Color Scheme I'm loving right now: Aqua Green and Pink

After one visit to our OB, Rich and I ate at Pancake House in The Medical City and we got yogurt for dessert. Little did I know that this encounter with yogurt would inspire a whole lot in me. You see their spoon was a very pretty aqua green and the logo stamped on their tissue was a lovely sort of fuchsia and when I put them together, I immediately told Rich that it was such a cute combination - for a baby girl that is. And now that we know that our sweet hope is indeed a little girl, our little sweet pea, here are just some pics of nursery inspirations with the beautiful color scheme I'm dedicating this blog post too. Photos are courtesy of for all of you to enjoy. :)

Now isn't it really adorable? :) Excited much. Sorry. :)

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