Stuff I write about

My mind is a hodgepodge of topics, so I've decided to categorize the topics I write most often about. Here's a guide to reading my blog. You could just select the topics that interest you. =)

[Shopaholic Zei] are posts about my shopping escapades - shopping for me, for Zia, for Rich and anything related to shopping - from my favorite malls, shopping destinations to latest buys and many more. Basically, it's my narrative about the wonderful world of SHOPPING!!!

[Zei the MOM] is obviously about mommy topics and my musings about being a first time mom to our darling daughter, Zia and mom for the second time around to our Rio. I offer tips and a bit of what I know about motherhood to neophyte moms just like me.

[Zei on Fashion] is of course about fashion. Fashion for youngish 30s like me and even baby fashion since I've appointed myself as Zia's sole fashion consultant and buyer. Other topics included here range from trends I like (not necessarily the latest ones) and fashion inspirations.

[Zei on Home Deco & Design] are posts about my foray into interior design - with our house as my pet project. Also under this topic are my home decorating finds from the Internet or from home magazines.

[Zei the Foodie] are posts about the wonderful world of eating accroding to my tastebuds. My favorite food, my current cravings and other yummy stuff are categorized under this topic. :)

[Zei on career & passion] are posts about the every day grind called my alternate life as a professional and as a passionist. :)

[Zei the charmed one] are my odes to life, love and everything about faith. Posts under this topic include notes of thanksgiving, letters to my husband, daughter and loved ones and also prayers that I send out into the heavens.