Tuesday, July 15, 2014

[zei the MOM] Round 2!

I think my need for blogging is heightened by pregnancy, that's why I'm back, albeit indefinitely. Anyway, baby #2 is 25 weeks so we'll be saying hello to the last trimester in a couple of weeks. My mind is actually all over so I need to blog to iron out my thoughts. For some reason, I felt more prepared in my first pregnancy in terms of all the 'welcoming a newborn preps' versus this one, so now that we're down to our last 10 weekends before our due date, I've decided to list down the things I have to accomplish. I guess having an almost 3-year old while expecting a newborn makes things more complicated, a happy kind of complexity, that is.  

July wk 3 - Finish construction of Zia's playroom (I need to finish this since I need to make sure Zia    and Ate have a nice a comfy place to hang out in while the baby stays in Zia's room)

July wk 4 - Have scheduled Congenital Anomaly Scan done and shop for newborn essentials (told myself to shop within July since the SM Baby Sale ends in July 31.)

August wk 1 - No plans for this weekend yet, so I guess it's a good day to get some rest :)

August wk 2 - Prepare for Zia's 3rd bday; finalize who new OB will be (my old OB isn't accredited by my HMO)

August wk 3 - Zia's bday weekend so focus will be on the DD

August wk 4 - Reorganize nursery to accommodate the baby and Ate Zia in case she wants to hang out with the baby

Sept. wk 1 - Fix all maternity leave documents for work

Sept. wk 2 - Renew license before my bday

Sept. wk 3 - Wash all clothes and linens; my bday weekend

Sept. wk 4 - Prepare all docs for hospital delivery; hubs' bday weekend

Hope I could stick to my schedule so I will have the 1st and 2nd week of October to rest before my scheduled CS and mentally and physically prepare for our coming 2nd sweet hope. :)
Looking forward to a new mommy adventure with my two darling daughters. :)