Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Happy Holiday!

This is why non-working holidays mean more to me now, more than ever!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Yup, I've changed.

I survived my first week back at work after three months of maternity leave - so how do I feel about it? Well, I'm not quite sure yet, my feelings are all mixed up. One thing's for sure though... I'm a different version of me. Everyone at work says I don't look as if I've given birth, and that I look the same - 'parang walang nangyari', they say, but I feel quite the contrary. I may be back in my heels and pre-bump clothes, but deep down inside I know, I'm now an even better version of me, because I'm the same Zei with a wonderful blessing in tow - our baby girl Zia. Even if I'm a 27 year old mom in a sea of not-yet-married pretty ladies and driven professionals at work - I'm more than blessed with what I have now and I can confidently say, with a smile, I've definitely changed... Motherhood has changed me and I am happy. More than I could ever be.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Wall Calligraphy - CHECK!

The wall calligraphy at Le Creperie that started it all

I love making our home even more beautiful than it already is (love your own). My latest favorite thing in our house is the newly written wall calligraphy in our living room wall inspired by the exact calligraphy I saw at La Creperie in Eastwood. It's a pretty unique focal point and I simply love looking at it. =) Special thanks to Ate Malou, my mom's PA, who made a more-than-great job in doing the calligraphy.

From paper

To our wall

I love how our wall calligraphy gives our house a unique charm plus its zero maintenance since it doesn't catch dust and its very low cost. So for homemakers who want to add a little something new to their home, try it - the possibilities are endless with wall calligraphy.

Happy Weekend everyone!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

DIY bride turned DIY mom

I'd like to think that I'm somewhat creative. Or should I say I have creative ideas. For our wedding over a year ago, I made the tags for our fan giveaways at Church, I conceptualized the table centerpieces and worked closely with our florist and caterer, made the place cards for our presidential table and other little wedding stuff here and there. So yes, you can call me a DIY bride. Fast forward to a year and 2 months after, I am now a DIY mom - I made our daughter's Christening my new pet project. The whole concept was mine, the purchasing was my mom's. Here are some photos of our daughter's Colorful Christening.

I made the invites using and had it printed as a photo in 5r

Ribboned candles for the godparents

Thank you cards for the godparents' giveaways made using

Thank you cards for the guests' giveaways - Cookies were made by my sister-in-law, Richelle

Letter decoration concept c/o moi

Table setup

Restaurant decoration

Now I can;t wait for our daugther's 1st birthday so I can whip up some DIY charm once again. :)

Happy Sunday all!

Friday, November 4, 2011

My life's current irony

In exactly 12 calendar days, my maternity leave will end and I'll be going back to work. I thought 3 months with your baby full time is long enough but I was clearly wrong. At the moment, I am savoring every waking moment, every nursing time, playtime, diaper change, bath time and all other stuff with my daughter because I will surely miss everything once I'm back at work.

I've been psyching myself up as early as now because I know that the transition will be hard, but there's definitely no stopping it. So allow me to share my life's current irony -- the reason why I don't want to go back to work (yet) is also the reason why I need to go back, yup Zia's the reason. It's funny really. I want so much for our little girl, but in order to give her all those needs and comforts in life, I have to painfully leave her at home. But I guess that's really real life. I am comforted by the fact that so many first time moms before me have been where I am and done it and they managed just fine.

I know it's gonna be hard, but just looking at our baby girl gives me the motivation I need to work well and work hard. As in all life events, it's the perspective that makes the difference. And my perspective now revolves around Zia and my family and doing what's best for us.

So if you're a first time mom just like me and you're about to go back to work, lighten up and just think -- after work hours won't be just for sleeping or being a couch potato anymore - it's gonna be a whole new lovely routine -- saying hi to your baby and exchanging stories of how both your days have been (even if it's just cooing or smiling from the little one) while nurturing your little girl/boy after a day at the office. =)

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

My Christmas/Forever-until-I-get-it wish list

It's 52 days before Christmas and what better way to spice up my countdown than by sharing my Christmas wish list. This list isn't actually just limited to Christmas, which is why I'm also calling it my Forever-until-I-get-it wish list.

MY wish list

1. VNC Green satchel (!/vncphilippines)

2. Elle Emmi peep-toe wedges (

3. Dooney and Bourke Spicy Satchel in Black black/Black/Kelly Green ( 4. Guess Groovy Rhombus bag in black ( 5. Fridge-to-go in pink ( 6. Lactation cookies (

7. Lots and lots of stored milk supply for Zia when I go back to work (

8. Mamaway nursing tank with built-in-bra in black and white (

9. Forever 21 shopping spree (

10. Makeover to get me out of my maternity leave/stay at home rut

11. 1-year subscription to Real Living magazine (

My wish list for Rich & I

1. Master bedroom makeover (

2. Trip to anywhere (

3. A smaller car (

My wish list for Zia

1. Your Baby can Read DVD set ( 2. Lamaze cloth books (
3. Dr. Seuss Book collection (

4. Shopping spree at Baby Gap & Zara Baby

5. Manuella yellow kitty bag (
6. Dwell Studio crib bedding set (

7. Aprica Marshmallow Fruit Car seat bed (

8. Infant vaccine spree at The Medical City (good until she's 1)

9. A college plan

My wish list for our home

1. A kitchen makeover

2. Shopping spree at Dimensione & Howards Storage World

3. A blue bladeless fan (we already have one in pink for Zia's room) (

4. mp3 speakers (

5. Additional wall decals (we have a couple installed already) (!/refreshfashion)

And of course, there are the intangible ones for all of us such as good health, wisdom, safety, love and happiness. Go jot down the things you'd love to have now! Remember, it could extend beyond Christmas so big ticket items could be listed. =p

Happy wish list making everyone! ;)

*Photo website sources listed beside item