Sunday, May 29, 2011

Happy lights!

Well, it's been a week since I posted about the 'nesting' stage I'm in and amazingly, an unexpected pouring of blessing allowed us to get things started. :) Thanks to Ortigas Home Depot, we got to replace our old lamps in our dining room and kitchen with new spanking ones. :) Here are the before and after pictures. :) Plus, my wonderful father bought us new door knobs to replace the ones we had that were damaged. So that's two down on my previuos list of things I want to do for the house. :) Can't wait to move on to the next projects. ;)



Our new drop lamp for the dining room which replaced our dated lamp with ceiling fan

Finally, happy colors for our kitchen from our new ceramic lamps

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Sending out my constant gratitude to the heavens

Check back why in the next few weeks!

*photo credit goes to

Monday, May 23, 2011

Must be in the 'Nesting' Stage (Updated)

We're almost in our 6 and a half month mark so it's really just a few more months before we bring our sweet pea into our home. And along with the progression of my pregnancy is this so-called 'Nesting' Stage, which usually occurs (they say) in the last trimester, but sometimes earlier for others. It's the period when the mom-to-be, for some reason, feels the need to organize stuff - maybe for the coming baby or for other reasons. It's kinda true for me since, now, more than ever, I really really want to finish up all the plans for our house that took a back seat because of the pregnancy. Anyway, just to start me off, I decided to make a list. At least a list would be start since I'm still trying to figure out the financing that would come with this nesting. So here are the things I want to do:

1. Install the two full length mirrors in our TV room divider - CHECK! (Thanks Motherdear!)

2. Replace old lamps in our kitchen and in the dining room - CHECK!

3. Put up photos along our stairs

4. Buy the green wooden bench for our kitchen - CHECK! (Although now, it'll be for the living area)

5. Remove all our stuff in the other room so we could start preparing it as a nursery

6. Buy a shoe cabinet - CHECK!

7. Fix our door knobs - CHECK! (Thanks dad!)

8. As soon as all the stuff have been removed in the 'nursery', repaint the walls and cabinets and install aircon

9. Fix nursery

Those are the stuff, the timeline, ASAP, the budget, well... that's probably where the hurdle will be, but I know somehow, someone will make it happen. haha. :)

That's all for now. :) Will definitely give updates as soon as something (at least 1 in my list) sees the light of day. :) *Fingers++ crossed*

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Today's highlights (so far)

1. It's SATURDAY!!! I love weekends because I get to spend time with the husband whose work requires him to be on a night shift!

2. Caramel Banana Walnut Waffles from Pancake House - I've been bugging Richmond (what's new?) to buy me and baby Caramel Banana Walnut waffles since two days ago and he finally gave in (yet again), so baby and I enjoyed our sweet fix for breakfast dessert. :)

3. Steamed siomai for breakfast with toyo and the indispensable chili - I don't think siomai would taste the same if eaten sans the toyo and chili. Well, we've had it that way and we didn't enjoy much, so today marks our first siomai breakfast complete with the toyo and chili since Richmond got us a bottle from the grocery recently. It was really the missing oomph.

So there, those are the highlights of my day so far, and it isn't even 10AM. I'm pretty sure I'll accumulate more. So instead of entertaining the May 21, 2011 Judgment Day crazy rumor/thoughts, I decided that today, Richmond, baby and I will have a blast and have as many highlights of the day as we can.

Any highlights for you already?

* My date settings are mixed up, so yeah, it's really already Saturday despite what the date says. Photo of siomai grabbed from and caramel banana walnut waffle photo grabbed from

Monday, May 16, 2011


I've been craving for all things sweet lately, ask my husband who had to go the extra mile (literally) to get me the Cello's doughnuts I was craving for. I've always eaten sweets, but not in a habitual manner, but as of this writing, anything that's sweet, particularly chocolate-y seems so irresistible for me. The only thing that's stopping me is really my throat, I've been kinda prone to tonsillitis ever since I could remember. Anyway, so what's my point. I just found out an interesting fact that could be behind the reason for my added craving for sweets - according to at 24 weeks, baby's taste buds are developing and along with it is also the baby's sweet tooth - thus my sweet cravings. Seems viable for me. :) Ain't it sweet? Literally. =p

Above is a drawing of a sweet tooth from D.A.D stands for a drawing a day. :) Mine would probably be devouring chocolates and lots of DQ Blizzards. =p

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Sweet pea is 6 months today!

Just when I thought that the whole pregnancy process would drag along in a not-so-pleasant way, here I am finding more and more beauty and happiness in infanticipating. Time flies so fast and today our baby is already 6 months inside the utero. And to commemorate this day, here are some belly pics taken a few days shy of our 6th month mark - taken of course by the guy who never fails to make my everydays as cheery as sunflowers (Hi Love!). We're really looking forward to seeing our little sweet pea. Just a few more months. :)

Monday, May 9, 2011

My pursuit for a yellow bag ends

I've always loved the color yellow and I've always loved bags (carry-all bags to be more specific), so naturally a yellow bag should've been a staple in my wardrobe, but sadly, I never found a suitable yellow bag. I had a yellow bag once which I got from Charles & Keith, but it wasn't big enough and it was too office-y now that I think about it. So around last year, my pursuit for a nice yellow bag started. I thought of getting myself another Le Pliage in mustard, but with most of my resources being allocated to baby shopping, I decided to restrain myself and look further. Luckily, I stumbled upon this online seller in Facebook, Sole Sister Lifestyle, that had their bags on sale. I checked out the photos and saw it - the yellow bag that would finally end my pursuit for my own yellow wonder of a bag. Anyway, it's canvas and it's super spacious, which I love. Oh, plus I got it for an amazing price. Now, even on rainy days (like yesterday and today), I still get to lug around some sunshine with me and so much more. Thanks Kristine and Tanya of Sole Sister Lifestyle! Check out their stuff at

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Love you Mom! =)

To the woman who always says things to me like 'Leave it to your Mom' and 'Just look at your mom' ever since I could remember and even now that I'm married; the woman who doubled as our dad as well whenever dad's away and the woman who laughed, shopped, cried, ate, enjoyed, prayed and celebrated with or for me and the only woman I'm willing to lose an argument with, Happy Happy Mother's Day!

I love you Mom!

Life Cycle according to Zei

Today I realized that my mom was right, life is really just a cycle, but an amazing one at that. You're born to loving parents, you grow up, you fall in love, you get married, you have kids. And from the next generation, that cycle repeats. And I guess I just wanted to share that bit today because earlier we went to our first Expo Mom at Rockwell and the whole time I was thinking that before this (around 2 years ago), Rich and I were taking on bridal expos and now here we are, taking the next step and entering the world of parenthood. It was a welcome change, from all the glitz and glamour of weddings to all things cute, sweet and adorable about babies. So yeah, that's it, life is a cycle and I'll make sure our little girl would enjoy every bit of it when she comes.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

My kind of Havaianas

Can I just say that I want to have a pair of these to call my own even if I have more than enough pairs of Havs? :) It's part of the Missoni heart Havaianas collection. *Gushing* Background: Missoni is a luxury Italian fashion house that boasts of its super colorful patterns and knitwear.

And aside from all its colorful glory, it comes in a knitted bag too. Now that's neatly chic of them. :) Hoping I get one of the super limited 200 pairs to be sold here in the Philippines. :)

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Shoe-in, Baby!

I've always known that when I have a baby of my own, her shoe collection would rock, well, as of this writing, I can't say I'm not giving our little sweet pea a great head start --- or should I say, footstart. Haha. :) I know they say that babies feet grow super fast, so I bought sizes that could be used until 12 months. Hopefully our baby would share mommy's penchant for pretty shoes someday. Thanks to Brusselsprouts ( and Bebe Republic ( for baby's mini shoe collection.

But there's actually a bit of a history behind my love for shoes, you see I've always remembered having different pairs of shoes for every school day back when I was in nursery - my shoes always matched my uniform (which was a pajama style uniform that came in 5 different colors) because my mom loved buying me stuff. But more than just buying me lots of shoes, this is just one of the many mini stories in my life that show how my parents always made sure I had the best in life. So, thanks mom and dad. :) Will try our very best to give our baby what you've always given us - just the very best. :)