I can write for you!

I also do freelance writing. I graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Journalism from UP Diliman and I was in public relations for 2 and a half years and I've been contributing for http://www.bridalbook.ph/ so I've done quite a lot of writing in my life - as a hobby and as a profession. So if you have article requirements - I can do that for you. You can send me a personal message through zei.reyes@yahoo.com with all the details of your requirements. I just do mostly feature articles and press releases - not much of straight news anymore.

Oh, and I can do product reviews too - maybe not the super techie ones - just baby, mommy products or fashion stuff or food, etc. those kinds. :)

Yup, it's about time I take this blog further. :) So if you need me or more of if you need someone to write for you, get in touch with me and we could arrange something. :)