Saturday, February 23, 2013

[Zei the Foodie] French Fries, IMY!

For this year's Lenten season, I made a courageous move to give up my ever happy food, French Fries. Yup, all fries are covered from Potato Corner, McDo Fries, Jolly Fries, Crazy Fries to the yummy country style fries from our office cafe. I've been doing well since Ash Wednesday, but the airing of McDonalds' new TVC isn't really helping. 

Parang nakakaloko lang!?

Ang sarap!! Will definitely include French Fries to our Easter Sunday feast. :) Anyway, to those of you who didn't decide to choose Fries as your Lenten sacrifice, please take a hint from Nonito Donaire and keep your eyes on your Fries!

IMY, French Fries!