Monday, June 16, 2014

[zei the MOM] An open letter to my daughter on her first day of pre-school

My Dearest Zia,

Today is a big day for you, it's your first day in Pre-school. :) I think Mommy's too excited as here I am, wide awake at half past 2 in the morning just to write to you. I know you're still a baby, and that we could have kept you in the house for another year or two given the new K-12 curriculum, but Dad and I think that you will learn so much more and meet new friends if we sent you to school this early.

Just like in your first ballet recital last week, I know, this will just be the start of the many times you will make your dad and I proud of you. You are such as smart and funny little girl, though we hope you won't be as 'malikot' so your teachers won't have a hard time. Haha. I pray that you make a lot of new little friends in your Pre-K class, and more than mastering all shapes, colors and numbers, I pray in my heart of hearts that you will learn more than those in school - like the value of being kind to others, making friends and discovering the joys of learning new things.

Mommy can't send you off on your first day because of work, but I want you to know (and I am documenting it), that I will make sure everything you'll need on your first day is prepared even before you wake up, also to give Ate and your dad an easier time. I will be there in your heart baby girl, praying that all will go well on your first day and the rest of the school year. I'll try to bring you to school one of these days when my schedule permits, my love. :) But here's a promise, that on your first day in BIG school (wherever or whenever that may be), mommy will definitely be there.

I know you'll look absolutely adorable in your school uniform and I can't wait to see your pics (which I carefully instructed your daddy to take). Smile for the camera please. :)

Before you become independent and all that, I want you to know that Mommy or Daddy really won't mind being needed by you anytime. You're just months shy from being three and you have made us so proud of you already for the wonderful little girl you already are and are shaping to become. Everyday I thank the Lord for blessing us with you.

To my first born, my little sweetheart, I love you and I can't wait for you to show the world and others how wonderful you are. Enjoy learning new things little girl and here's an assurance that mommy and daddy will always look forward to listening to the new things you will learn from here on.

Love always,