Tuesday, August 28, 2012

[Zei on Home Deco & Design] Project... yet again!

Photo from Robin's Roundup
Now that Zia's 1st birthday is done, I can now save up for new home projects, which makes me feel giddy just by thinking about it. And so, to get me started, as in my previous projects, I shall list them down and look forward to each and every ones completion.

1) Yellow accent wall mini-project
2) Backyard fence project
3) Master bedroom improvement
4) Outdoor Lanai project
5) Kitchen overhaul

The above are big projects compared to my previous ones, but I figured that I've been wanting to do them since we moved in 2010 and that I should start the groundwork ASAP. I have no target date in mind except that everything should be done by the time Zia turns 2, so that gives me a year. I put in the kitchen overhaul last because it costs the most. =p

But aside from the big projects, there are some things I'd like to purchase within the month to satisfy my pursuit for prettifying our home. And these things include:

1) Modern Vintage throws from Our Home
2) Matching floor rugs from Divi
3) Different sized topiaries from Divi
4) More wall decals from Nu Dekor Wall Stickers

That's it. It's quite a lot, but I'm excited to take on these 'for-me-but-technically-for-the-family' projects. It makes me happy.

What are your latest home projects?     

Friday, August 24, 2012

[Zei the charmed one] It's Friday and I'm inlove!

With these two. :)

And just by looking at my husband and baby girl, I realized, yet again, that I should stop whining and just keep on saying thank you because which ever way I look at my life, I am blessed.

Long weekend, see you in a jiff!

Monday, August 6, 2012

[Zei the Charmed one] Cloud Nine!

On the eve of our 9th anniversary as Rich & Zei I just want you to know this, Love...

After so many changes we've gone through - from first jobs to third jobs; from going out on dates to walking down the aisle; from dreaming of our own place to building our own home; from being just the two of us to being Zia's mommy & daddy; my love for you has stayed the same, maybe it's grown even more. I want you to know that each and everyday I call you 'LOVE' isn't just out of habit - I call you 'LOVE' because I mean it. And I mean it each and everyday. 

Happy 9th Love! I love you! :)