Saturday, September 15, 2012

[Zei on Career & Passion] Bangkok Files Part 1

I'm lucky to have a job that allows me to go to different places. My most recent out of the country trip for work took me to Thailand for the first time. =) And as a first timer, here are some of the things I think one should do when in Bangkok:

Photo collage made using / All photos were taken by me

1) Shop, shop, shop - I didn't do much of this since I was out on official business, but if I had the time and extra money, I'd shop to my heart's content. Platinum Mall is filled with lots of trendy and cheap clothes while Siam Paragon has the upscale shops for your designer fix.

2) Eat Mango with Sticky Rice - It's super yummy. It's like our native suman, but sweeter and more sticky with sweet yummy mango and rice crispies on top. =)

3) Have Tom Yum - Yup, there's nothing better than eating Tom Yum in its country of origin. Yum! Indeed.

4) Ride the tuktuk - This one is just for the experience I guess, since they charge differently especially if they notice you're not a local.

5) Visit a temple - I didn't get to visit the old and big temples since I was in the city, but I was lucky to chance upon this holy place in the middle of the city while walking. The temples were small, but grand none the less.

6) Ride the Skytrain - It's the easiest way to get around Bangkok, I think, since traffic is bad when you take a cab.

7) Go to Terminal 21 - For a unique shopping experience, this new mall, Terminal 21 is a great destination. Though the stuff sold are a bit pricier, the ambiance is worth taking the trip. It's designed like an airport and each floor is designed like a different country or city. Every floor transports you to a different place - from London, US, Japan to Rome and Paris.

So there, that's just my bit from my trip to Bangkok. Would love to go back for leisure soon. =)

Friday, September 14, 2012

[Zei the MOM] Sweet & Nautical for our sweetheart!

This is a late post, but blog-worthy none the less. =) Just sharing with you our Zia's 1st birthday blowout in pictures. Yep, will let these captured wonders speak for themselves. =)

{The Setup} - styling by Pink Tie

{Food & Table setup} - by VS&F

{The wonderful guests - big, small, young and young at heart}

{Our happy family}

{The celebrant}

And just like that, our baby girl is now a year old. And I shall end this photo blog with a line from our video message for our daughter which we showed during her celebration - 'we may not be the perfect parents, but we promise to love you, our Zia, every second of everyday, the best way we can and the best way we know how to. =)

Have a wonderful wonderful weekend everyone!

All photos by Owi of The Stork Studio.