Monday, July 30, 2012

[Zei the charmed one] Weekend highlights!

Just some of my weekend highlights in photos. I simply love how weekends make me feel twice as blessed. 

Zia enjoying going out with mommy and daddy more and more! She's wearing the cute shirt I bought for her from Bangkok! So cute!!

Zia has found a new way of getting around the house - via her brand spanking new activity walker. She's actually more interested in all the activities, but she indulges us by taking enthusiastic steps while pushing her walker. 

Was saving these shoes for when Zia's already 1, but apparently, they already fit her. Gone are the days of Mary Jane socks and soft sole shoes. Zia's onto big girl shoes now. Sniff.

Here's hoping everyone had a fun and restful weekend! 

Sunday, July 29, 2012

[Shopaholic Zei] Divi, we meet again!

After 2 years or so, I finally found myself back in Divisoria. I love going to 'Divi', I always have even if it means I have to take the always jam packed LRT 2. :) I love how you can shop where all sellers know you're shopping on a budget otherwise you could've just gone to any mall. 

I went to Divi because I was on a mission - to buy cheap but nice giveaways for Zia's 1st birthday. Boy did I accomplish my mission (and in just a little over an hour)! I canvassed in 168 first but the toys were a bit more expensive than I hoped, so I decided to walk a few more kilometers to get to Divisoria mall. And the prices started going lower. Luckily, I found this toy store that had so much variety of toys, and most importantly, they sold them at the prices I budgeted for. They had everything a mom throwing her kids' birthday needed; from bubbles, balloons, masks, toy vegetables, puzzles, stress balls, blocks, magic slates to wooden toys. I was content. I stayed there and decided to get everything I needed from that store, I didn't canvass anywhere anymore since it would've taken me longer to decide. I got around 150 assorted toys which cost me just Php 2,744 to be exact. Really not bad, I could've scrimped on some of my choices but they were too good a bargain not to get. I got wooden puzzles that normally retail for more a hundred pesos for only Php 15 a piece; mini puzzle mats for just Php 10 and colorful pails for Php 15 as well. 

If I had more time and more hands, I could've ended up buying some more stuff - not for Zia's birthday. Hehe. I wanted to buy topiaries for the house - the ones we have were bought by my mom from a designer shop worth around 3,000 ++ for three, while the ones I saw in Divi which looked exactly like the ones we already have cost just 100 to 180 a piece, miles away from the profit rich cost of its mall shop counterpart. I would've also bought rugs for our bathroom, there were so many cute designs. Maybe when I go again next time, I'll make that trip for house stuff.   

I'm glad I got to go to Divi again. Will definitely be back soon because in Divi I never go home empty handed. And yes, the extra weight and baggage from Divi sure is worth it. :)

When was the last time you went to Divisoria for your shopping fix?

Saturday, July 21, 2012

[Zei the MOM] Time REALLY flies

The crazy weather made me change my Saturday plans. I was supposed to take a trip to Divisoria to buy some stuff for Zia's 1st birthday, but decided not to push through for my fear of being soaked and stranded. And since today is also Zia's 11th month, it's just right that I'm home to be with the darling daughter (and husband) the whole day - so this also explains why I found extra time to write this post while the two of them are fast asleep. 

Today is Zia's last monthly birthday, so please allow me to be a bit sentimental and nostalgic...

As the cliche goes... it seems like only yesterday when we first brought our baby girl home. Today, more than ever I realized how time flies so fast. The funny thing is, I realized it when I was rummaging through Zia's unworn clothes. I've been shopping for her even before she was born and when she was about 3-4 months old I kept buying stuff that were for 12-18 months or bigger thinking that she'll use it when she's 'older' - those days too felt like they  were only yesterday. As of this writing though, at 11 months, Zia is already wearing those clothes I bought before and one-by-one, the clothes I've stored for the 'future' are finding their way out of the storage bin because my little one can now wear them. So yes, my little baby is growing so fast. I used to be so paranoid about cradling her because she was so tiny, and now I can barely last an hour carrying her because she's become quite big for her petite mom. *sheepish*

From this tiny baby (she weighed less than 6 lbs when she was born

To this sweetheart who's fast getting big for mommy (she weighs 20 lbs already)
I guess I just want to share this to tell all new moms and moms to be, to savor every second with your baby, from the utero to day 0 in the outside world, it'll fly so fast. :) I guess that's the reality, time flies and babies grow up so fast. 

To my darling Zia, I want you to know that even if you'll soon be (really) too big for me to cradle or carry, I want you to know that you'll forever be my (little) baby girl. Happy 11th month sweetie! Mommy loves you so much! :) And Though we won't celebrate your monthly birthday anymore because you'll be turning 1 next month, I'll always make sure that your everydays will be worth celebrating. :)